Snes9x 1.53 Test Build 12042011

作者: 秦大叔 / 發表時間: 星期六, 5月 28, 2011 / 人氣:( )

Snes9x 1.53 Test Build 12042011 釋出
Since the last release I've added unicode support to the windows port of
snes9x. Since this involved quite a few changes I've decided to post an
interim test version.
I'd really appreciate feedback from users with roms/movies/paths that contain
unicode characters.
The archive also contains an x64 build that you can try if you have an x64
windows version. Also present is HLSL shader support for direct3d (provided
by mudlord). I've packaged mudlord's shaders into a separate zip, and fes
made a few shaders on the bsnes board that you can try.
The config file is now considered utf-8, so if you previously had characters
in your specific locale they might not load correctly.

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